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End of the week

Via Rail is having one of their 50% off sales until January 26.  I’m highly considering taking another trip to Halifax, although I’m not sure when exactly I will go down.  The last time I went was in the fall, when the weather was still somewhat decent.  I’ve been in Halifax during the winter before, but I still need to figure out when would be the best time for me to show up in the city.  I want to get more done on a few fronts before I go off gallivanting again, but I wonder if it would be wise to get down there again as soon as possible.

From time to time I go down to the local SPCA.  My sister’s been volunteering there for the last little while, and I come along to get out of the house, and to be an extra person to help give affection to these dogs and cats .  Whenever I move, I’m going to look for a place that takes cats.  I didn’t have any pets when I was living in Riverview, but I would occasionally cat-sit if my sister needed a place to keep her cat when she had a conference.  I’ve always had a cat when growing up, and cats seem to take to me for some reason.

I went downtown on Wednesday.  I checked out Books Inn (didn’t buy anything), had lunch at Relish and looked around in the library, trying to sort out thoughts and come up with some ideas to write about.  I like being able to have a little time to myself outside of the house every now and then, but the challenge for me is to be able to keep these excursions from getting repetitive.


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