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I’ve mentioned Adele Bertei‘s website in other places before.  She’s definitely an interesting figure: a writer and a musician (probably best known for her backup on the Thomas Dolby song “Hyperactive!” – she is prominent in the Old Grey Whistle Test performance here) with a breadth of experience that she writes about eloquently.  I particularly like her honest, meditative writing style, but I think what really draws me to it is there’s a personal aspect in her posting that seems to go a little deeper than strictly writing in the first person.  I find the little idiosyncrasies each writer has that mark their voice essential to a personal site.

Someone on either my Facebook or Twitter posted a list of 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing.  I’ve re-shared it on social media, but it’s worth sharing here on my blog.  There’s a lot in here that I’m guilty of, and when I look at the suggestions I realize how much I need to keep my momentum and keep pursuing what it is in writing that gets me into that zen mode where the words just pour out and harden into sculpture to be intricately chiseled.

I’m thinking of choosing a new layout for the blog.  I think I’m just getting a little fussy and restless again, the way I do from time to time.


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3 thoughts on “Miscellanea

  1. Thanks for sharing that list! I think that, personally, I get a bit defensive when I see “stop doing” lists. But when I turned each of the statements into its opposite, and added “start doing”, I found a list I could really get behind. Plus, then I can see the list as something to work up to, instead of something to berate myself with. So many good points there.

  2. mamaofthreebrat/fae twitter on said:

    I posted it on twitter, but I don’t know if I was the only one or that should tweeted it.


  3. Kylie’s really hit this one on the head–better to take from a positive angle rather than a negative.
    But, any way you look at it, virtually all twenty-five apply to me, too, and I needed this list to hit me over the head and remind me of why I want to be a writer in the first place.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Ben.

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