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On the issues

What are some of the issues that I’m getting riled about these days?

  • The Republican race.  Before I mention anything else, I’ll have to say that I really don’t mind Obama.  I think he does have certain weak areas that are mainly going to hurt him during the next election, and I’m not thrilled with some of his concessions to the right, but I’d take him over the opposition.  There are a handful of candidates that I do agree with on a few issues, but the race has so many vocal and extreme candidates, any semblance of being a moderate is to risk being called a “Republican In Name Only”.   The way it’s going, though, Romney probably would be the Republican’s best bet if they wanted to beat Obama: I can see a lot of people strategically voting for Obama if a woefully inept candidate like Cain [before he dropped out], religious extremist like Michele Bachmann, or bald-faced hypocrite like Gingrich got the nomination.  You can’t win an election if you scare off the moderates (unless you find a way to make sure the other people don’t vote or don’t have their votes counted, but that’s another story).  When a litmus test for toeing the party line involves disputing a scientific theory with a very wide amount of consensus, denying rights to gay people, or refusing to raise taxes on the extremely wealthy (basically a new version of the divine right of kings) under any circumstance, it’s clear the lunatics are running the asylum.
  • World AIDS Day was last Thursday.  The fact that AIDS is still a big epidemic, and I agree with Stephen Ira’s assertion that the inaction in the 80s against the virus was an act of deliberate negligence.  The attitude many had about the disease then was that it was “killing all the right people”; it seemed only to really become an issue once straight, white people began to get it.  I’m pretty sure that ignorant line of thinking is still thriving these days.  Thinking about this makes me so mad.  Even more upsetting is the fight against teaching effective safe sex procedures in favor of abstinence-only education, which to me is basically “If you don’t follow our rules, you deserve to get sick and die”.   I’m sorry.  I know of the various religious reasons people don’t have sex until marriage, but fact of the matter is that people are getting sick and dying.  People are also going to have sex, and nothing anyone says or does will ever fully get rid of it from happening.  Multiple lines of defense are needed, and if you’re stockpiling your hopes against one that goes out the window as soon as people give in to biology, you better want a backup.
  • The omnibus crime bill is likely going to pass.  It seems more like posturing to seem tough on crime than anything that’s actually going to have a positive impact on society.  “Tough on crime” seems more like an advertising slogan than anything else.  Evidently, the Conservative government’s measure of success will be how many people they can fill the jails they’re building with.  The number of problems with the bill is staggering, as is the number of organizations opposed to the bill.  Consideration for mental illness is going to be thrown out, and it’s going to likely cost more than the Conservatives are saying.  Evidently they have no problem with spending taxpayer money as long as it’s for punishment instead of actually helping people.

I missed the five-minute free write for two days now.  I think tonight I will make a special fifteen-minute free write just to feel caught up and let myself cut loose.  I wonder if I’m writing for myself with these things anymore or if it’s for an audience (kind of a recurring theme in my “proper” blog posts).


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