Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five-minute free write

Missing the beat and missing the pointy, I am missing my friend and missing you.  We are too far apart and I am worried I am heading down a road that I do not wish to pursue.  This is not a great idea is it, I think I am losing it to the pressures of time and the temptaition to regress and feel like I am in a comfortable place again.   Should I go back to a city or should I just enjoy my time to myself once in a while.  Risks are for the strong, chance is not something I need to take sometimes.  Maybe it is just fine to relazx and have a week long vacation from myself.  Not going forward or anything, and I think it is time to find a good career for myself.  Writing is something I do with my eyes closed and my mind awake.  Even when I am not actually writing anything, I think about writing.  Is that enough to call myself a writer, or is this just pretending  Who pretends?  Would anyone want to be around John Galt?  He doesn’t seem particularly pleasant and the only thing going for him is that a bitter Russian lady somehow says he is great.  Words vs. deeds.  You can be brialliant and an asshole at the same time.


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