Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five-minute free write

Watch your eyes, because the daggers are shooting out of them, and they’re not going anywhere.  Who do you aim them at?  Who do I think will be your next victim>  There’s not enough time in the world to be worried about victimization and  everything that you normally stress about.  I would be perfect if ity weren’t for time.  Time heals imafginary wounds.  Wound up like a ball of cheese.  Photogenic smiles and androgynous hairstyles, and I go into the bunker in the basement of the school.  Where do you think ther will be a big event to watch?  When do you want to be yourself and when do you want to be safe?  I want to get this out here right now.  The insane get maligned by our words.  I think about how even the most overrused figure of speech can wound and I think I need to be careful about that.  I just go ahead and shoot out the lights, listening to music I can’t get passionate about.  Time to boock a train from my city to the next, find a friend to take a close-uo oirtraut if and then think about  the light and the focus and who they are, and what they mean to me.  I want to say so much to a lot of p


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