Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five minute free write

I find my colurs and I see your glow.  I sut ad stare at thwe indow and wait for the rain to come down.  Tap tap tap.  This is why I feel so red.  I thinkthere is too much static in my brain sometimes and I need to ride the dial, wait until I hit a station.  I don’t know where my nearest station is and I am sick of hearing fzzz, and I miss the sun and I open too many doors that lead into brick walls.  This is just the desert though.  Think of your madness and I will also remember you the way I choose.   I miss you like death and I think I need to see you before my brain has become nothingness and I think of the same things in an endless lopp, running out of words, frustrated at the pointlessness of my existance.  I can never find myself attracted to the conventional.  I can only inhabit the spaces where the slightly  of f are, and we think of things that don’t matter anymor.  I think love is a gamble, and I am just too concerned with the sense of pleasure I get from someone standing over there, thinking of the desert and the rain and dead poets and being with his own self as a person who do


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