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Looking forward from 30


When I have a project I’m committed to, I can focus on that and put a lot of time and effort into it.  When it’s something I’m especially interested in, I concentrate tightly.  I’m trying to commit more to my writing these days, but I find it’s hard when there’s other things I’m trying to get accomplished in the next little while.  Missing one day of the Five Minute Free Write seemed to be a sign that my discipline is lacking when I’m back at home.  I could find myself losing a bit of discipline even when I was in Halifax, though.  I don’t like this adrift, passive feeling I get when I end up browsing for hours on different websites instead of doing something productive, so I decided I needed to get a few things on the go for the next little while:

  • Get rid of a lot of the clutter in my house.  I’ve already gone through a few boxes worth of videotapes of stuff recorded off the TV.  I’m basically keeping anything that I can’t easily get on DVD or see anytime on cable with the intention to transfer them to disc, and I can easily part with recordings from syndication with the ads cut.  I’m also trying to get rid of a bunch of clothes I never wear and get a few more containers to put things in for the move.
  • I have decided against getting rid of any of my CDs or DVDs, but I realize that I have too many that I either haven’t watched at all or haven’t pulled out in a while.  It’s easier for me to digest music but there’s still a lot of albums I haven’t fully let sink in, and I still have way too many unwatched DVDs.  I might try keeping a log of what I watched on the other blog.
  • My simple portraits project that I’ve mentioned here before.
  • Start keeping to a regular schedule.  I tend to stay up late watching DVDs, and I’m getting sick of sleeping in.  I need to get to bed at a decent hour even if I don’t have anything specific to do the next day.
  • Spend at least an hour out of the house each day (not counting work or errands).

When I finally know for sure what I’m going to be doing work-wise in Halifax and when I move, preparation for all that is going to take a lot of my time.  But during the job search, I need a few other things to keep me going so I don’t overstress.


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