Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five minute free write

Rule number one of the road.  Don’t let your voice get muffled as you scream obscenities down the abandoned stretch of road that you’ve chosen as  a drag strip.  Rule number two: don’t learn to spell your fears into a whirlwind and don’t learn to read the lines of the wizended old man’s fave.  Rul;e number three:  Yes.  I am just about the last person who would be likely to drive fast on a stretch of highway, and I think that’s probably for the best.  I’m searching for you though, and I am thinking about ideas that you put into my head long ago over two dollar gin and tonics at Ducky’s .  We will meet againn, and we will tell each other stories about the places we are still trying to pry out oof our derams and we are thinking about where the bridge on the edge of nowhere is leading to..  Tere are stars in the sky and kids smoking joints on the bridge.  I feel beautiful right now and I just want the sun to magnify, and i  am seeing everything in a widescreen movie and trying to make it all out, realizing my insiginificane in the whole scheme of things.  I accept it.  I love it.  And I feel like it”s wjhere I am supposed to be right now.  With you and them.  And wel


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