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Five minute free write

I know I missed t yeaterday, I feel sometimes when I’m here muy  life goes into these feedback loops that I can’t seem to break out of, I just relive the same piece of stasis that’s been going on for four days now.  Whydo I let myself do this?  Do I just need to get out of this house sometimes?  I feel like I can’t even connect with myself here.  This is bad.  This is a shame, because I could feel myself growing and getting on with things out in Halifax, but here, I just feel so lazy and passive.  I want to be able to go ahead, tackle different projectsd, and not wait.  I don’t like jobs that are too passive in nature, I guess.  I want my brain to be used, I want to be able to make decisions and feel more confident in the decisions that I do make, but I don’t really know where that part of me is when I’m here.  Maybe I need to get some fresh air and a pot of coffee.  CI feel boxed in and the jumps I make from one idea to another are not coming.  This is seriously making me angrruy.  Maybe it would help if I cleaned my room.  I feel lik e making a donation to something or other if I had a little more money to spasre.  For now, a big bowl of somethingorother ceral will  suffice.  Who reads these things anyway?  I know of a few that do.  Is my confidence buckling or is it just a bad mood.  I can never tell.  Shoot. it.


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One thought on “Five minute free write

  1. Misteri on said:

    I do.

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