Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five minute free write

It;’s time to just walk away from whatever life you’ve known  for the last few years.  That life wass not making you happy and it was getting you further and further behind.  Drive down the highway with the greastest compositions o f Thelonious Monk v blasting from the stereo.  Just get yoourself going as far as you can on  a four-lane highway that stretches from here to the coast.  Go to the  opposite coast you’ve been living close to.  I would be in your shoes right now if it weren’t for the reality of needing money to do it.  Monety is overrated, but it  is really our master.  You do need some money to survive.  I  don’t believe that it is a  God that we need to worship and consume ourslves with aquiring more, but I am aware of what we need to do, and what system we have to somewhat make a grudging allliance with.  But those are my political rabmlings.  I just don’t really care.  I think I would rather get some rest and get some good company.  Then, we can take off in our car and blast Monk.  I  say things and Ibecome how powerful my unintentional slip ups become.  I carellessly reveal too much about myself at times and let it all go crazy.  Things that I would have hid five yerars ago.


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