Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five minute free write

Tine to wash over the land and let water carry myself from one point to another I have only dreamed about.  Thi s is a magical night wehere anything an happen and I let it take place.  It’s just me sitting in a chair that magic ally glides along the sea at a thousand miles andhour and everything whizzes by me in ethereal light.  Where it goes is just not important, and I am glad to not have to worry about it.  I am in a land of the queer and I am in paradise with my books and my music.  I  am happy to stick out  my tongue for no reason and I see so many people just fleeing their inhibitions a.  We sit in chairs that never seem to collide no matter how perilously close we are to doing so.  This music is relaxing and hypnotic.  I listen to the rhythm and try to move my fingers to it.  I don’t exactly succeed bt I feel like it’s going pretty well anyway.  I am just finding this point that goes beyond my body.  Personhood.  I am beyond identity, beyond sex, beyond gender, beyond fear, beyond care, beyond worry and beyopnd intoxicated.  Like the taste.


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