Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five minute free write, 11/10/11

Taste the sweat coming off your brow and taste the beer in your glass.  The milk is going bad and the cat is in heat.  I will not wait for y you to wake up.  This song is what makes the world go into a slumber.  This is what it all means.  Phrases and stages and cages and layabouts.  Thinking of a box to put things into, that doesn’t exist.  Transend something.  I want to just sit down and dreram and have some weird ideas about who I;’ve met and what songs they remind me of.  I cross my eyes in concentration as the streetlight grows dimmer and wer drink a gin and tonic and watch our colleagues get slowly drunk.  Missing the hippies and bohemians that would populate the bar I went to in college.  But I’m getting old.  They’re growing up.  Who stays still and who goes ahead with their lives?  I want to just get some mystery to puzzle over and deconstruct and think about until it affects the dfreams.  Airport sex dream is particularly annoying.  I  don’t want to find some room that someone is just going to open.  I just want to find a minute to get sensation and relish it.  Thin and

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