Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five minute free write

Yeah, a little after midnight, but I don’t care.  I misspell because getting the words out takes precedence over getting the words out with proper spelling.

If I were to fall in love, I wouldn’t necessarily be failling in love with anyone so much as an idea, a song, a poem.  I just love language, music and the mystic connections that feed from them,.  Love itself is bizarre.


I think the romanticcized version of love is cheap.  When I think of physical pleasure I think of not neccessarily the heteronormative male-female pairing./   I like being on the outside sometimes.   I realize that I was never meant to be like the rest and I am starting to appreciate that.  Gender and sex, so many issues.  Just like magazines.  I think I’ll just sit in a cafe and rerad next time I’m in one.  I want to say hi to my fellow freaks and just get my ideas shared with people.  People  are aamazing, but peoiple can be disappointing.  But who cares…I am alive and you are alive if you read this and I would love to jusyt tap into that feeling a little longer before everything becomes pointless and meaninginless like a pole that sits in the middle of the street.   Poles singing songs would just not make any sense whatsoever.  When I become myself I will sing to the heavens about freakiness and being the other and who am I and where am I.  I think sex is a little overrated and underrated as well…thinking carnally for the last few


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