Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five minute free write 11/05/11

As per my new custom, the monitor has been turned off and all errors have been left in.

Is it time to just wail down tracks already laid out inf reont of me?  I want some whiskey…I want to play the guitar with a little fireceness and a little sloppiness, just to whisper out words I struggle with.   I feel like my ear is about to pop with nothing going on and my jacket needs to be put away.  Where are you tonight?  What am I saying to you when I do this?  I would like to do some rovingin with a bindle like an old timey hoboi, and I would like to just sit and be mellow for a while.  Come transcend some boundaries with me onight, and just drive it all away and let it shake out.  Shake shake shake, I feel like it will be  something t push me out of my comfort zone and let me scream like a ninja.  Do ninjas scream?  I don’t care.  I would like to get somewhere and meet up with some like minded nuts and just get some words and energy shared overe a few drinks and some food.  I want grittiness.  I  will be gritty.  I


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