Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five minute free write

My friend Jay suggested I turn the screen off while I did this and not correct the typos.  Good idea.

Tyhere is so much beauty I keep ignoring in the case I have something more productive to do.  I have to make sure I see where I am before I know where I’m going, knocking myself into blind alleys and so forth would probably be more beneficial but for now I play it safe.  I sit with my leg resting on mt toes and I can’t see where I type but hopefully I know enough where I can just wing it.   I fly like a man.  Mu wineglass is wet and I don’t think I can drink any more.  I’m trying to hold on to this idea I have of myself where I’m a sophisticate instead of a hermit but I  would rather lock myself into my room and watch DBVDs all days   but I don’t care.  I think being mindful of my shortcomings is a start.  I feel sometimes like I want to just travel down the highway by myself without any pressure to meet deadlines or reach certain destinations, but I need more time and money for that.  WWhat does this all mean?  Who am I?  Am I selfish for wanting to do this or just very, very human?  Do I really want to have an interesting full life or do I just need the stories?


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