Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Five minute free-write

This is the start of an experiment to try and loosen up, and write whatever pops into my head for five minutes.  Be forewarned: it may or may not make sense.  Some spell checking is done after the fact.

Hold my hand.  Hold me up and massage my back, get those aches and pains in my lower back to fade away.  My mind is a fog and I sit weary, not knowing or caring where the next day will lead me.  This is the evening we collide.  We fly.  Go insane on bad malt liquor and think of the tray that we knocked over.  You held on to my arm when I sat down,  What can we say that will give this purpose.  I am looking for the truth, I am looking for clarity.  I just want to lose myself in a song and let the words spill out.  My hands quake; I am reaching that height but I am cut off.  Just zooming down the freeway at 1000 clicks an hour.  I zoom faster in the dark.  Took a long drive across the country by myself to just push myself into a point where I no longer cared or was in my same patterns.

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