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I had a dream recently where I boarded a train that ran through Newfoundland and France.  Logistical implausibility aside, it was kind of exciting to be able to jump on a train and end up somewhere I haven’t been before.

It got me thinking about some of the other dreams I’ve had that stuck in my brain.  Most dreams tend to fade away forever once I wake up, but I still remember a handful here and there.  I give you the highlights:

  • My most frequent recurring dream seems to be that I’m about to go on a vacation or some other trip to some place I’ve never been or haven’t been in a while.  I’m usually just about to leave, but then I notice that all my cats aren’t accounted for, and the rest of the dream ends up being a frustrating wrangle to make sure all the cats are inside before I go, and I usually wake up before I go anywhere.
  • On the topic of travel, when I was working at one of my earlier call centre jobs, I would dream that I actually managed to go somewhere far away, only for me to realize that I needed to be at work the next morning, and I spend the remainder of the dream hurrying back to town by that (realistically impossible) deadline all the while feeling guilty for having a little bit of fun.
  • While at that same job, I once had a dream where I was taking calls for work through my cell-phone when I was visiting a friend.  I kept wanting to get out of the call, but for some reason it would never end, and in this dream it never occurred to me to just hang up on the caller.
  • I also had a dream where there was a bomb at work (of the “alarm clock wired to sticks of dynamite” variety), and my boss wouldn’t let anyone evacuate the building lest our productivity go down.
  • I also had a dream where I won the lottery, but I wasn’t allowed to get out of work to claim the prize in time.

I also have a tendency to incorporate any music that may be playing on my iPod or on the radio into my dream.  Usually it manifests itself in me dreaming that for some reason I can’t turn off or turn down my iPod (what I call “the damn thing’s busted” dream) but I remember these dreams as well:

  • When I was younger, I would always be hearing The Supremes “You Keep Me Hanging On” whenever I entered a K-Mart in my dreams.  (Side note: K-Mart hasn’t existed in Canada in years).
  •  I had a dream the night before my last day of Grade 3 that incorporated a cover of “Amie” by a Winnipeg country band.  A classmate would be doing this sort of dance involving holding her thumbs out in front of her as she bit her lip and nodded her head to the guitar lick before the verses.
  • In my first year of university, I dreamed of involuntarily singing “Je Joue De La Guitare”  by Jean Leloup, burning my hoodie and singing the “Et j’ai des grands instants de lucididididididididi…” line instead of yelling.
  • About a year ago, I fell asleep with my computer playing the works of Steely Dan.   I dreamed I was in a gay bar and that I had a heroin habit (for the record, I have never touched the stuff).
  • The music-incorporating dream I remember the most was from about three years ago.  XTC’s “The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul” was the soundtrack to me pushing an office chair around Halifax, trying to avoid one of my supervisors from work and a woman’s rugby team jogging two-by-two.  I pushed the chair through stores and streets before finally ending up in a lobby of an upscale motel.  The music switched to Annie Lennox’s “Smithereens” as I felt overcome with sadness and mourned my avoidance of friends as of late.
Do dreams necessarily mean anything?  I really don’t know.  Read what you will into these dreams (and I invite you to post comments about possible meanings), but at times when my life is the most routine and uninspiring, these dreams stand out more and more.

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2 thoughts on “A catalogue of dreams

  1. I get the overall sense, from all the travel related dreams, that you need to get away. Also, it seems that your work may have been getting in the way. I also decided to look up a few symbols that pop out in a book I have. Interpret the meaning however you wish.
    Cats – usually deals with issues of independence or the sensuous/elegant side of our personalities (different types of cats also have different meanings).
    Bomb – explosive situation/relationship, or disappointment/failure.
    Dynamite – may refer to a sudden revelation.
    Lottery – taking chances with little chance for success (although, in this context, it might have more to do with being prevented from attaining goals).
    Department store – a variety of opportunities.
    Narcotics – escape from reality or a lack of acceptance (the latter seems to make sense with the gay bar). Drugs, in general, can also mean giving up control of a situation.
    Music – more or less just sets the mood.
    The last dream with the office chair and woman’s rugby team is totally lost on me. Could be an interesting (and very weird) music video concept.
    I believe that dreams do have meaning in our lives but they’re not always easy to interpret. One symbol can mean several things depending on the context of the dream and also your life situation.

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