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Looking forward from 30


I’ve been shaving my head almost continuously over the last eight years.  The main times I’ve let it grow out since then were mainly due to laziness and usually coupled with not trimming my beard either, but this is my look.  This is what I look best with.

The first time I shaved my head was when my curiosity got the better of me in grade 7 with an electric razor.  I had always wanted to see how I would look bald, but I didn’t get all my hair off by the time I was discovered, and ended up having to go to a hairdressers to get it done.  I was originally ashamed and embarrassed what I had done but ended up getting a better reaction than expected at school.  I shaved my head a few more times in grade 10 and 11.  I always got a bit of amusement from the shock that people would have upon seeing it for the first time.

When I got to university, originally I had let my hair grow the longest and scraggliest I had let it grow.  Not particularly long, mind you, but still kind of messy and there.  I had toyed with growing it out, but decided I wanted to get rid of it again.  I had it buzzed off at a barber shop, but one night, I took my Mach 3 and just started taking off the fuzz.  My drastic change in appearance got some entertaining responses, and at the residence house banquet at the end of the year I won the tongue-in-cheek “Gillette Jockey Award”.

My hair had also been starting to thin by this time.  I had a receding hairline back in high school but I could see the hair on top was also not coming in as thick as it was coming in on the sides.  Nonetheless, I grew it out, and bleached it for a little while before trimming it off again.  A few friends who had seen some old pictures of me with the completely shaved head on my ancient Geocities website suggested I shave it again when my school had an anti-cancer fundraiser.  I did it, and met some interesting people.  I shaved it twice more (including another fundraiser) before deciding this was going to be a look I kept up.

The summer before I decided to go full-time bald, I was working a night shift job at Canadian Tire.  The nights were hot, and I could feel the sweat in my hair.  When it gets to a certain length, I have this tendency to grasp the back and try to make a ponytail even if I don’t have the length for it.  I could see it getting thinner at top too and it just felt so futile.  So, bald it was.

The times I’ve grown my hair out since then, I could see that I’ve lost even more hair, and now at 29, it’s pretty much all gone at the very top.  It doesn’t really look particularly flattering on me, and I’ve always disliked it when my hair would grow poofier on the sides (sort of a Charles Emerson Winchester III in season 8 of M*A*S*H thing).   I’ve noticed that when I have the clean shaved head, it makes my facial features look better, but when my hair grows out to a certain point, my face seems…different…somehow.

I’ve experimented with facial hair since university, including a pencil mustache one time I went out to the bar last year, but usually I keep a goatee or a full beard that stops at the bottom of the ear.  The beard also helps disguise my double-chin so there’s also a utilitarian purpose behind that as well.

Not everyone can pull off the look, but I feel more confident about my appearance when I keep my head bald.  People are used to me looking like this.  I also like that I don’t have to visit a barbershop and can just maintain my look with a pass of the razor every few days.  Plus, it feel awesome to touch, either if it’s smooth or it has a little fuzz on it.

I’m also glad I’m just not going to do the comb-over either.


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