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Taking Requests

I want to make sure I keep in the habit of posting regularly and frequently.  However, I don’t want to eventually have my posts start copying each other or have to resort to what I call “marking time” posts.  I want to make sure I actually have content on here, and a reason for people to keep reading, commenting and sharing.

I want you to suggest something for me to write about.  Any topic.

I want to be able to research your suggested topic first before I build a post around it, and I also want to post whatever I want whenever it hits me instead of queuing my posts up behind an assignment, but if you suggest something, I will eventually write it.  If you have a date tied to your subject, I will do everything to post on that date.

Topic submissions can either be posted as a comment on this post, or sent by e-mail to bjdwsm [at] gmail [dot] com.

Addendum: Topics relating to culture, television, music, arts, literature will be considered, but posted on my supplemental blog Existentialist Weightlifting.


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One thought on “Taking Requests

  1. At first, I thought I couldn’t request a topic for what if you’ve no interest in the topic of my choosing? But reading this post, I think you’re really onto something – especially if allowed time to do research should you need to.

    I like you’re idea so much, I’ll make you a deal. I give you a topic and you give one to me. On?

    So, now my topic: near death experiences.

    Guilty pleasure: Coast to Coast AM. Especially during my walks when I need a break from music. So, do the research and write me something. And give me a topic, please! Thank you for the nice comment on my woven rags, but they give your ‘marking time’ posts a definition. Help!

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