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Bad E-mailer

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been so good at initiating or replying to e-mails lately.  I think that there must be some variation on Newton’s Law about a body at rest going on there.  Usually when I send out an e-mail these days it’s strictly for a transaction.  I have made about two e-mails to other people in the last month that could really feel like personal e-mails.  One was a quick happy birthday to a friend out in Calgary, and the other was a long-gestating life update I sent to a friend from my high school days.

I think my decreased e-mail output is a symptom of how much social media has taken over our lives.  It’s easier to come up with a 140-character tweet that anyone can see or a Facebook status that is more tailor-made to people who are at the very least somewhat familiar with you.  I love what Facebook and Twitter has opened up, but I when I think about how much I used to e-mail people before and how little I do now, it’s disheartening.  There’s something to be said about sharing between two parties, intimate and undiluted.  Yes, Facebook and Twitter have private message options.  But I feel more like elaborating and filling in when I’m sending an e-mail.

I think part of the issue is that I’m sometimes intimidated.  Intimidated by the blank text field and intimidated by who I’m sending it to.  If there’s a common thread of business or interest, I feel alright.  If it’s someone I feel fully comfortable with, I’m more likely to type.  But e-mails to other people I’d like to know better often feel rushed and done to get it over with, and I don’t feel like I was sending as myself.

When the year started, the two goals I had for myself were openness and connectivity.  My intention for this blog is to help myself meet these two goals by writing here often and as truthfully as I can.


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