Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Four fourty four, two twenty two (Brief thoughts on friends and music)

I am amazed and incredibly fortunate to realize how many of my friends are creative people.  Is it that I consciously seek out the qualities I admire in other people?  Is it an attempt to live vicariously through these artists, writers and musicians?  Perhaps it’s merely my own attempt to project a certain image, but still I can’t help but suspect there’s a hidden force that’s drawing us together.  I don’t know if it is a spiritual thing or just the random machinations of chance, but there has to be something that clicks between us.

One of the reasons why I collect so much music is that I’m always searching for a certain state.  Whenever I fully commit to an old Miles Davis album I feel transcendence.  I far too often tend to use music as mere background noise for my web-surfing or other activities but one thing I enjoy most is being able to listen to an instrumental album without distraction, lose myself and find escape.


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