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Dilly Time

Daffodil is my sister Carrie’s cat but if you ask her, I’m Daffodil’s person.  Daffodil, or Dilly for short, is 2 years old, loves to be held and is easily the most social of the four cats living at my parents’ house.  She’s a very vocal cat, constantly chirping and an especially loud purrer: every time I pick her up and start stroking she begins this combination chirp and purr that can be heard a room away.

We’ve given her the middle name Snapdragon because as sweet as she is, she hasn’t quite gotten that her playful biting isn’t particularly appreciated.  She’ll sometimes do a little nibble on our hands or fingers when we’re petting her followed immediately by licking where she bit, or sometimes she’ll try to “catch” our hands and start chewing on them.  We do pull away (usually with an “Ow”) but she does the same thing to her stuffed toy kitty.   She also goes up to the other cats, puts her paw around them and starts chewing.  Lola and Toby don’t really like it but Natalie (the oldest) puts up with it longer.

Dilly also is a bit of an escape artist.  We’ve gotten her spayed but we also keep her and Lola inside (Natalie and Toby were outdoor cats before my parents moved into their current house on the main street in town: they at least have the sense to stay away from the street).  Dilly is quite persistent in her attempts to get out and scratches at the door post (actually, only after it was painted), and keeps meowing pathetically in the hopes someone will mistake her for Nat and Toby.  I have a feeling that part of this is really a ruse to get one of us to pick her up, because as soon as I hold her she starts purring again.

This was taken last October on my bed.  Note Toby is in the background.


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