Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30


I apologize for the length of time since my last upload.

Not long after I had gone to Sappyfest, I went on vacation to PEI.  I had intended to start a project about taking pictures in the various cities I lived but I felt really hamstrung by the relative lack of time I had to spend in Sherwood, PEI and Pictou, NS, and a scratch on my brand-new circular polarizer filter also demotivated me quite a bit.

I also quit my job at a Riverview call centre shortly afterward.  Most of my friends had been trying to convince me to leave for the longest time.  I eventually moved back to my parents’ place in Miramichi, NB for the time being to allow myself to save some money.  I do not intend to settle down here but I’ve found work at another call centre; this particular one is an improvement over my last job in many respects, even though I am making significantly less than I had been at my old job.  The bills are being paid, anyway.

I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures.  I’ve had a few distractions over the past few months including the death of my uncle and grandmother in the span of less than three months, and getting used to the new job was my main priority.  With the start of the new year I decided that it is time to make good on a number of personal goals, including getting serious about my writing and photography.  I hope to have a professional webspace by the end of the year.

This picture was taken in Southampton, ON the week of my grandmother’s funeral.  This is Lake Huron from the end of High Street; most of the times I’ve visited were in the summer and we would go swimming at the nearby beach.  I really was struck by how much darker the sky was than the lake, solid white from the ice and snow covering the water.


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