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The Ocean

I went to Cape Breton last summer for my friends’ wedding; the day after the ceremony, the bride, groom, myself and another friend of the couple went to the beach at Kennington Cove near Louisbourg.  It was a hot August afternoon and it couldn’t have been a better day to get some pictures; this was right after I got my DSLR and a perfect opportunity to get some of that picturesque Cape Breton scenery.

I’ve always loved going out near the water and I always want to take pictures whenever I am out there.  One of the good things about being in Atlantic Canada is that you’re never too far from the ocean; there are so many potential photographic opportunities I haven’t taken advantage of yet.  I’d also love to go out west to get some shots of the Pacific someday.


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One thought on “The Ocean

  1. This is beautiful!! I hope you go do more coastal explorations!

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