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Looking forward from 30

It’s Another World Here

I’m back on the Toronto pictures.  This one was taken in the Canon Theatre foyer.  I remember one time going to a theatre in Winnipeg back when I was a kid and for some reason this reminded me of this.  Not quite as ornate though. The inside of the theatre is even more spectacular; I respect the rules forbidding photography in the actual theatre, but I don’t think a simple photograph can even come close to capture what it’s like in there.  I like the crowds of people milling about here.

We ended up going twice on Sunday: the matinee and the evening show.  It was the last day they were there and my sisters had planned on going for a while.  Personally I would have been fine just going one time but we were in different seats for each show: we sat really far up for the matinee and a little closer to the stage for the evening show.  It was interesting to get two different perspectives on the show and see the different performances.

Really interesting mural there too.


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