Not In The Past

Looking forward from 30

Betty said she prayed today – for the sky to blow away. Or maybe stay. She wasn’t sure.

Sunday was a very warm, humid day, one of those days you normally would expect to turn up in June or July, rather than early May.  I felt like I hadn’t really been taking advantage of the evening when I brought my camera out; the last few photo runs had been somewhat cold days where I was leaving and coming back in the middle of the day, usually carrying a backpack with a few notebooks to bring out in case the inspiration strikes (side question: what do you usually use to capture those fleeting moments of inspiration?) .  By the time I finally headed out to the river the breezes were mitigating the mugginess and it made it all the more worth it.  I had laundry to do and a few other things to get on top of, but I just lingered down by the water for a while with my camera as the sun set.  I just stood, listened and watched, thinking of other places I wouldn’t mind standing, listening, and watching.

This is what used to be “Lake Petitcodiac”, a headpond on the other side of causeway gates that cut off and choked the Petitcodiac River.  The river began flowing free again a few weeks ago, to the cheers of many and the jeers of a loud few property owners disguising their self-interest as an environmental movement; their main concern was the polluted river water destroying the “ecosystem” and the loss of the recreational uses of the “lake”.  When someone wrote into the paper suggesting they build another causeway upriver, the movement lost what little credibility they had.  I wonder if any of those people would give two shits about the “lake” if someone bought them all nice lakefront homes on a real lake.


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