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Looking forward from 30

Too late for the last bus

The sun’s starting to set earlier now that’s summer’s over.  I usually don’t get out of work until well after dark even in summer but I was walking around the commercial strip just east of the causeway one evening and managed to get this shot just before it was too dark to shoot without a tripod.  One of the things I’m enjoying about  having a DSLR is that I can actually get the different colors I see at night as the sun is setting and I especially like this one.

Riverview’s bus connection with Moncton is spotty at best, with one bus going across the river per hour, no service after the early evening most nights (Thursday and Friday have service until about 10), and no service at all on Sundays.  Most of the things I’m interested in activity-wise are across the river in Moncton, but the main thing that keeps me in Riverview is the fact that my apartment is in very close proximity to my day job.


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